Chinese Police Busts Worlds Biggest Video Game Cheat Provider

One of the biggest mobile game cheat providers has been taken down by the Chinese Police force in Kunshan. The China-based cheat provider reportedly earned more than $10,000 USD every day by selling in-game subscription-based cheats for various mobile game titles. According to reports from a Chinese blogging website, Weibo, after gaining enough information, the Kunshan Police raided a few key locations, arrested ten resellers, and then closed down 17 websites that sell in-game cheats. In total, the cheat provider earned more than $764 Million before being shut down on March 26, 2021. Here are more details regarding the operation.

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Chinese Police Busting Worlds Biggest Mobile Game Cheat Provider

According to a Twitter post by the Anti-Cheat Police Department, the cheat providers based in China were sent to prison, and around $46 Million USD in assets were seized. During the operation, the police arrested ten resellers and closed down 17 websites that sell subscription-based cheats.

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While the cheating services were mostly utilized in the Chinese market, the organization reportedly sold hacks globally. Some of these cheat sellers owned several luxury cars with a total value of up to $20 Million. Moreover, the sellers also used the profits to hold virtual currency and property. These sellers are earning around $10,000 a day by simply selling subscription-based cheats.

“The reason it’s the world’s biggest bust boils down to three key factors,” the Kunshan police explained. “Firstly, because there are huge sums of money involved. Secondly, there are a lot of games involved. Games from places other than China are involved too. The final factor is simply due to the enormous volume of users.”

After their success in taking down one of the biggest Game Cheat Providers in China, the Peacekeeper Elite team or widely known as PUBG Mobile globally, together with Tencent, issued a plaque of appreciation for the Kunshan Police for their efforts in combating gaming cheat providers.

The Kunshan Police received a plaque of appreciation from Tencent and the Peacekeeper Elite Team.

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With one of the biggest cheat providers now out of commission, the Chinese police assured that they would continue to work hard and maintain a healthy video game environment for everyone.

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