KRAFTON Representative Responds to GodNixon Gaming’s Comments on PUBG Mobile India Relaunch

Fans are still eagerly waiting for PUBG Mobile’s return to India, and earlier this week, GodNixon Gaming offered some respite for fans in his video. The PUBG Mobile content creator stated that the game had been approved by the government for release in India. KRAFTON is currently focused on releasing an app specially designed for India.

Krafton’s Response to Reports of PUBG Mobile’s Reapproval in India

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AFK Gaming reached out to Krafton for a comment on the matter. A representative responded stating that this information “is not official” according to his understanding. 

In addition, KRAFTON also reaffirmed the company’s stance towards releasing a PUBG Mobile app specifically for India:


Is PUBG Mobile Reapproved in India?


KRAFTON Inc recently announced its new game PUBG: New State, which excluded India as one of its initial launch regions. A Hindi version of the official website was recently discovered, however, there is no official update yet regarding if or when India will get access to PUBG Mobile or PUBG: New State.

Earlier this year, Krafton’s Head of Corporate Development Sean Hyunil Sohn spoke at the India Gaming Conference 2021.”I cannot really tell a timing, because we don’t know yet. But what I can tell you is that we care about the Indian market greatly and that’s why I get to know you and I get to know a lot of friends in the Indian gaming industry. So definitely, we will work hard to make it happen.”

Earlier this month, Krafton had also told AFK Gaming that the organization is waiting on the government’s decision on the future of PUBG in the region. Krafton also recently announced a $22.5 Million USD Investment into NODWIN Gaming to promote PUBG esports in the country.

It has also hired a country manager for India (Aneesh Aravind) and a regional head for India and MENA (Anuj Tandon). Krafton is taking active measures to re-introduce the game in the region and fans will have to wait for an official update on the game’s re-release in the country.

Disclaimer: NODWIN Gaming is a minority investor and a client of AFK Gaming.

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