When Does Wild Rift Season 2 End?

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s ranked season 2 will kick off on April 3, 2021. Players can expect new ranked season rewards from the game, including the ranked season exclusive skin Glorious Jinx for players who reach gold rank and above and have played a total of ten ranked games during season 2. As a new season starts, players are wondering when will Wild Rift season 2 end? The devs are yet to announce when will Wild Rift season 2 end. However, according to them, each ranked season will last around three months, a common standard for most competitive mobile MOBA titles.

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Wild Rift Season 2 End Date

Although Riot Games is yet to reveal the specific date on when Wild Rift Season 2 ends, based on what they previously announced, each ranked season will last for around three months. Since Season 2 will start on April 3, the Wild Rift season end date should be sometime in the first week of July 2021. Keep in mind that the devs are yet to announce the Wild Rift Season 2 end date, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Wild Rift Season 2 Rewards

The rewards for the second ranked season will include the exclusive ranked season skin Glorious Jinx for players above the Gold rank and have played a total of 10 ranked games, as well as an icon and emblem based on the highest rank you have attained during the season.

Glorious Jinx is the Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 reward.

Players won’t have to worry if they get demoted after reaching gold rank as the rewards will be based on your highest attained rank during season 2 and not your current rank.

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The upcoming Wild Rift season 2 delivers a ton of new content and balance changes to the game. Players will definitely have a lot of stuff to do in the game with the release of the Wild Journey event and the new and improved position preference feature in Wild Rift.

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